Saturday, July 2, 2011

Disneyland for the Summer!

Thanks to Stephen's amazing grandparents celebrating their 50th Anniversary, we were able to not only go to Hawaii as a summer trip, but Disneyland as well! We had too much fun. Even the Merkley's were there so we could hang out with them.

Stephen finally tried the Bengal Barbeque, and of course loved it!

Had our annual Blue Bayou lunch for Father's Day

The Haynie family with Grandma and Grandpa Benson

I love this picture too much!

We went to eat at Ruby's at the Pier.

Mickey's house with Merkley's

Too much fun at toon town.

And for our last day we bought new shirts. Stitch laying on the beach in a hammock! For reals I don't think there's a better shirt for me!

Loved the trip, thanks to an amazing family taking the time to enjoy one another and make memories together!!

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